War On Encryption Ep. 2: Jake Williams

War On Encryption
War On Encryption Ep. 2: Jake Williams

In this episode we talk with Jake Williams who is the Principal Consultant at Rendition Infosec and a SANS course author and instructor. We discuss some of the workarounds available to the FBI to circumvent Apple’s iPhone encryption, after the announcement the FBI dropped the case against Apple attempting to force them to assist in the decryption of Syed Farouk. We also discuss the potential of backdoors being deployed as part of an auto update process and the potential of this attack vector being forced by a government agency to weaken device security and its potential impact. In addition we discuss how to frame the crypto debate to the general public and business leaders in ways they understand, using John Oliver’s comical spin on the topic as an example.

About Jake Williams

jake-williamsJake Williams is a Principal Consultant at Rendition Infosec and a SANS course author and instructor. He has more than a decade of experience in secure network design, penetration testing, incident response, forensics, and malware reverse engineering. Before founding Rendition Infosec, Jake worked with various cleared government agencies in information security roles.

Jake regularly responds to cyber intrusions performed by state-sponsored actors in financial, defense, aerospace, and healthcare sectors using cutting edge forensics and incident response techniques. He often develops custom tools to deal with specific incidents and malware reversing challenges. Jake also performs exploit development and has privately disclosed a multitude of zero day exploits to vendors and clients.

Jake regularly blogs at malwarejake.blogspot.com and can be found on Twitter at @malwarejake.



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